Generate documents with qr codes from template

Using AutomatedDocs, you can easily add QR codes to your generated documents. QR codes, known for their "Quick Response" capability, facilitate instant access to various resources like signup forms, documents, and locations by scanning them with a smartphone. This integration can significantly enhance aspects of business such as communication, logistics, and marketing.

To include a QR code in your document, use the following syntax in your template to inform the templating engine:



  • variable-name The name of the variable you will send using our API or synchronize from one of our integrations.
  • SIZE the width of the generated QR image in pixels.

QR codes that link to an URL

To display a QR code that links to a URL, simply set the field in your template and send the URL via your JSON object or using a third-party integration.

For example:


If you set the variable-name to, it will generate the following QR code in your document:

AutomatedDocs - Barcode Example

If you scan it, it will link to our website

Phone number QR code in document templates

You can also embed a QR code that encodes a telephone number. Use the same QR code formatter as shown previously, but pass the telephone number in the following format: tel:+1-234-555-6677.

This will produce the QR code seen here:

AutomatedDocs - Barcode Example

Geolocation QR code in document template

Geolocation QR codes are another excellent use case. To generate such a QR code, use the QR code field in your template and pass the geolocation data in the format: geo:40.823552,14.068383.

This will result in the QR code displayed below:

AutomatedDocs - Barcode Example