Template Preview

Previewing your document template is a crucial step in ensuring the template works as expected. This process allows you to fill out a form with placeholders (or variables) from your template, input test data, and generate a sample document. This way, you can check the document's accuracy and layout before finalizing.

How to Use the Preview Feature

Step 1: Access the Preview

  • Go to the "Test Template" section in the sidebar of your template setup.

Step 2: Fill Out the Form

  • The form you'll see matches the placeholders in your template, such as variable 1, variable 2, etc.
  • Enter test data into each field to see how it will appear in the final document.

AutomatedDocs - Preview Template Screen

Step 3: Generate the Preview

  • Once you've filled the form with sample data, submit it.
  • A document preview will be generated instantly using your test data.

Step 4: Review the Document

  • Carefully review the document to ensure all data is correctly populated and appears as it should.
  • Look out for any formatting issues or errors that might need correction.

Step 5: Make Adjustments if Necessary

  • If you find any issues in the preview, go back to the template editor to make adjustments.
  • Keep previewing and adjusting until you're completely happy with the template.