API Authentication

AutomatedDocs makes it simple for users to generate API tokens that can be used to consume AutomatedDocs's API. Please keep in mind that API access is only available on same plans.

Get your API key

To generate a new API token, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the “API Token” section located in the top menu of your dashboard.

  2. Select Add token to initiate the creation of a new token.

  3. Enter a name for your token. Choose a descriptive name that helps you identify the purpose of the token.

  4. Click on the validate button to generate your API token.

Important Notes:

  • Your token will only be displayed immediately after its generation. Protect your token carefully; if it is lost, you will need to create a new one, as tokens cannot be retrieved once the generation window is closed.

  • In the event that your token is compromised or you believe its security has been breached, you have the option to regenerate it. However, keep in mind that regenerating your token will invalidate the previous one. Consequently, any applications or services that were utilizing the old token will lose access until they are updated with the new token.

How to use your API Key

Include the Authorization header: In the header section of your request, add an Authorization header. The value of this header should start with the word Bearer, followed by a space, and then your API token. The format looks like this: Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN

GET https://automateddocs.com/api/documents
'Authorization' => 'Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE'
'Accept' => 'application/json',