Template Settings

To modify your template's settings, go to the "Template" section in the sidebar and click on "Template Settings."

AutomatedDocs - Template Settings Screen

Template Name

  • Give your template a clear name to easily identify it later.

Template Description

  • Add a short description about what your template is used for, helping others understand its purpose.

Document Format

  • Select the output format for your document (PDF, DOCX).
  • Note: The DOCX option is available only for templates that were uploaded as Word documents.

Generated Document File Name

  • Define how the files created from this template will be named.
  • Incorporate placeholders like variable_1 to dynamically insert content into the file names.

Document Expiration

  • Choose how long generated documents should be stored before they're automatically deleted.
  • If you prefer the documents to remain indefinitely, select "Never."

Protect PDF

  • For PDF outputs, you can assign a default password for an extra layer of security.
  • Leave the password field empty if you don't require document protection.
  • Note: This password can be changed for individual documents through API calls.