Airtable Integration

AutomatedDocs now integrates with Airtable to automatically generate a new document each time a new row (record) is added to your selected Airtable base. Here's how to set up this integration to enhance your document workflow.

Connect Your Airtable Account

Begin by linking your Airtable account. You'll need to grant AutomatedDocs permission to access your databases within your team.

Setting Up Your Airtable Integration

Once your account is connected, choose the Airtable database you wish AutomatedDocs to pull data from.

AutomatedDocs - Airtable Integration

Choose Your Airtable Database

First, select the Airtable base containing the data for your documents:

  • From the "Choose A Database" dropdown, pick the Airtable base you want to monitor for new rows.
  • Ensure this base has the necessary tables and data fields for your document templates.

Can't find your database? Check if you've permitted access to the DB/Team in the first step.

Select an Airtable Table

Then, determine which table within your chosen base will be linked to your document template:

  • In the "Choose A Table" dropdown, select the table AutomatedDocs will watch for new row additions.

Map Template Fields to Airtable Columns

The next step involves linking each field in your document template to the corresponding Airtable column:

AutomatedDocs - Airtable Integration

  • Match each template field under "Your Document Fields" with an Airtable column using the dropdowns under "Your Database Columns."
  • This mapping directs AutomatedDocs where to fetch the data for each template field when a new row appears.

Example: A "tag 2" field in your template could be linked to the "Tag 2" column in your Airtable table.

Finalizing Your Integration

After completing the field mappings:

  • Review your settings to ensure accurate linkage between template fields and Airtable columns.
  • Save your settings to activate automated document generation from Airtable data.

Your Airtable integration is now ready, streamlining your document creation process and minimizing manual data entry.

Please note a minor delay might occur from when a new row is added in Airtable to the generation of the document. This delay allows for any necessary Airtable edits before starting the document creation.

For questions or assistance with setup, consult our help center or contact our support team for more guidance.