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Customizable Templates

Google Docs & Word Templates

Use the tools you already know, no need to learn a complex template builder.

Easily import an existing Google Docs or Word document. As simple as it's sounds.

Document Automation

Multiple data sources

Pull in data from spreadsheet apps and other sources that you already use. You can directly pull in data from Excel, Google Sheets, CSV files or Airtable.

Use Power Automate, Zapier, or an API integration for more complex workflows.

Document Deliveries

Multiple output destinations

Generated documents can be accessed through your dashboard (optional).

You can also send documents automatically to your favorite apps, like email, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and webhooks. Sharepoint integration is coming soon.

Powerful Templates

Dynamic templating

Use variables ${field_name} to specify what data you want to pull into your template. Map these variables to your data fields to ensure quick, accurate document generation.

Use conditional logic ${IF(acceptance_section eq yes)} to only pull in data that matches your specified criteria.

Dynamic templating

Tables, Lists and Images

Include tables, lists and charts in your documents. Tables are currently only available using webhooks and API integrations.

Add images to your documents ${IMAGE_TAG:widthxheight} to add interest and branding to your documents. You can optionally specify width and height.


Secure data automation

We never store data used to generate documents. Your data is deleted as soon as the document is generated

Your generated are deleted as soon as they expired.

Our service is built on ISO27001 certified cloud service providers with robust security mechanisms. Located in Europe.

Total Flexibility to Effortlessly Create Any Document

Powerful document generation features to that let your craft any document effortlessly

Dynamic Content

Dynamically create customized documents based on the data that is being collected.

Smartest Logic

Easily set up conditions for your delivery options so that the merged documents are only sent to desired recipients.

Serious About Security

Your Data Remains Confidential. We never store any information sent for merging, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic allows you to dynamically include or exclude sections or your document.

Tables & Repeting Sections

Add repeating and looping logic to elements to eliminate manual typing and making mistakes.


Include images and charts in your documents.

Discover the power of document automation

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