Automate your document generation

Create PDF or Word docs in minutes. No coding or templating software required.

Simply create a template using Google Docs or Word. Pull in data from a range of spreadsheet apps. Specify a destination for the generated docs like email or a cloud server. It's that easy.

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How it works

Effortlessly Populate Documents

Create a template

Create a template using Google Docs or Word. Think of this as the skeleton for your documents, with placeholders (variables) for the actual data.

Connect your data source

Pull in data from spreadsheet apps like Excel or GoogleSheets, or from an API integration. You can pull in data to create a wide range of documents from invoices and contracts to bills of lading.

Specify a destination

Specify a destination for your generated docs. Documents can be automatically sent to wherever you want, including your email server or the cloud.

Streamline your workflow with AutomatedDocs

Automate your document production for precise, error-free results.

Flexible Templates

Design a template using Google Docs or Word

Use document editors you already like to create flexible, dynamic templates showing copy, tables, images, and conditional line items.

No need to learn new software or get stuck with pre-made templates. Just use what you know.

Document Automation

Create and deliver documents automatically

Make your document creation process quick and consistent with automation.

Simply create a template, pull in data from spreadsheet apps and specify a destination for your documents.

Every time your data is updated, a document will be automatically generated and sent to the correct destination. Your document is ready within minutes and is 100% accurate.


Integrate with the tools you already use

Pull in data from spreadsheet apps like Google Sheets, Excel, AirTable as well as many other third-party apps. Create templates with Google Docs and Word. Specify where you want the documents to be sent, including your favourite email and cloud service providers, among other options.

Create a document generation process that optimises your existing workflow, and has no sharp learning curve.

Build any document you need.

Automatically generate hundreds of documents with the same structure and unique data elements

Contract & Agreement

Create customised contracts and agreements that are accurate, consistent and remain legally sound.


Collect your rental applications online and send a copy to applicants for their records.


Automatically create professional and polished looking proposals with your branding

Incident reports

Automate the process so that every time an incident form is submitted a report is generated and shared via email.

Invitation / registration forms

Automatically create tickets for concerts, sporting events, charity dinners, and more.


Generate accurate and professional quotes in a matter of seconds, meaning you can close deals faster.


Save time and effort creating recurring reports. No more manual formatting or data entry.


Use preformatted templates to eliminate errors and save time creating your invoices

Discover the power of document automation

Save time, maintain accuracy and streamline your document generation process.

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