Streamline Your Letter Generation Process with Smart Automation

Quickly Generate Custom, Professional-Quality Letters with a Simple to use Document Automation Tool

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks with Automated Letter Generation

Are you overwhelmed by the paperwork and slow pace of manual letter crafting? The cumbersome process of manually generating letters from multiple data points not only slows you down but also amplifies the chance of errors. It's a grueling loop of catch-up that never seems to end.

But what if the endless loop of manual processes and error correction continues to hinder your productivity? The constant struggle to maintain consistency and accuracy amidst a sea of data sources can be overwhelming, leading to wasted time and resources. It's a stifling problem, holding you back from reaching your full potential

Take back your time with automated letter generation 

As an automatic letter generator software, AutomatedDocs removes the need for manual workflows and reduces costs, for precise, error-free results Time and time again.

Customizable Templates

Effortlessly Create Letters with Custom Templates

Craft Impressive Documents with Ease. Design directly in MS Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice - and avoid introducing new tools

Automatically generate letters of any complexity. Easy yet powerful syntax supports lists, tables, charts, QR and barcodes, and more.

Document Automation

Streamline Your Workflow: Automated Letter Creation at Its Finest

Say farewell to the time-consuming errors of manual letter writing. Enhance your workday with the power of automation; our letter generation system delivers rapid, reliable, and precise results for a seamless workflow.

Instantly Generate and Distribute Letters to the Right People. It saves a ton of manual work. You don't need to be an advanced programmer to achieve amazing automation.


Easily connect to your favorite apps

Generate documents automatically from sources like Airtable, Google Sheets™, and a plethora of third-party apps - completely eliminating the need for human effort.

Smooth document delivery is made easy with seamless integrations with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and many other platforms.

How it works

Create custom letters in minutes. Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks!

Automated letter generation and delivery of essential documents right into the hands of their intended recipients. Say goodbye to demanding manual tasks and errors, say hello to accuracy and speed.

Create a template

Effortlessly Craft Letter Templates Using Tools You Know: Microsoft Word, Google Docs.

Choose delivery

Send generated letters via email or use a third-party integrations to save and deliver files anywhere.

Merge data.

Personalized letters automatically with data from a third-party app, Google Sheets™, Airtable, CSV file, or API integration.

Discover the power of document automation

Save time, maintain accuracy and streamline your document generation process.

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